Finalist: Honors Outstanding Student Award

McKayla Hoffman

McKayla Hoffman was a finalist for The Honors Outstanding Student Award. While she was ultimately not selected she is  a student that exemplifies the values of the Honors Program, including academic excellence, leadership, civic engagement, social justice and/or diversity.  Thirteen Honors students were nominated for this award, so it is truly an honor to be a finalist in this group of highly talented and exceptional students. That is why we would like to take this moment to honor McKayla and post below the interview we conducted with this wonderful finalist,

Name, Major:

McKayla Hoffman, Anthropology (concentration in Public Archaeology)

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment at Bridgewater so far?

I hesitate to call this an accomplishment, but I’d say it’s been my greatest honor to be a conversation partner and a writing fellow for ELL (English Language Learners) at Second Language Services and the Writing Studio. Hearing their inspiring stories about immigrating to the U.S. has humbled me a great deal, and I look up to them for their incredible propensity to learn and thrive under great pressure from their families and society. Their accomplishments are my accomplishments.

How has the Honors Program impacted your BSU experience?

Being involved in the Honors Program has helped me tremendously with becoming more responsible, organized, and motivated when it comes to academics. Writing an honors thesis has been a difficult process, but it’s wonderful to receive the support of our Honors Program community. The students, staff, and faculty have all been really compassionate, and the extent to which they reach out to us and get to know us individually has made my years at BSU far better. Thank you, BSU Honors Program!

If you could choose one field other than your own to work/major in, what would it be?

It’s hard to imagine doing anything else other than archaeology, but I’d have to say marine biology—humpback whales are my favorite animal, and I find marine ecosystems really interesting!

If you could transplant BSU to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Egypt, ideally, but until things calm down, definitely Paris, France!

If you had to cross one item off your “bucket list” today, what would it be?

I would absolutely love to travel down the Nile to Tel-el Amarna and see the remains of Amarna, the city that pharaoh Akhenaten built!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Black raspberry chocolate chip. Forever.

What would you include in your ideal sandwich?

Definitely your typical Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo—but I’d need some bacon on it to make it complete.

What animal do you feel most captures your personality? Why?

Hands down, I’d be a chipmunk, and here’s why. During the summer of my freshman year, I did my first archaeological field school, and in an attempt to avoid the hovering wasps (and because I was a panicky mess), I would do a chipmunk-like gesture with my hands and scurry away. Now, my friends call me “Chipmunk” more often than McKayla!

If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, famous or not, who would you invite?

I would be the happiest person alive if I could share a meal with Lady Gaga, pharaoh Akhenaten, and his first wife and iconic ancient Egyptian figure Nefertiti. That would be interesting…

We would like to thank McKayla for taking her time to speak with us and wish her well on all her endeavors throughout BSU!



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