Further Look into Honors Mentoring with Morganne Lundin



What is your major/year/fun fact?

Athletic Training, Junior, I was born with an extra set of teeth!

What has your journey throughout the Honors Program been like?

It was intimidating going in because I did not know what expect but I’ve taken classes along the way that have helped ease my anxieties about completing a thesis. I have lived in an honors RLC all three years I’ve been here and I love it!

What are you involved in on campus (clubs, sports, community service?

Orientation Leader, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, BSU Observatory Manager and field hockey and volley ball intramurals.

What inspired you to want to be a Mentor?

Being an Orientation Leader the past two summers has given me a love for incoming students and a desire to reach out and help them feel comfortable and welcome any way possible. Being a mentor allows me to connect more one-on-one with a couple new students on a deeper level.

What is it like being an Honors Mentor?

It is really rewarding. Being the person that people go to for help is the person that I’ve always wanted to be. I want to see my Mentees succeed and get all they can out of their experience at BSU.  Its fun just hanging out and getting to know them too.

What kind of advice have you given to a First Year Honors Student beginning their career at BSU?

GET INVOLVED! Don’t be afraid to try new and random things. Put yourself out there because the more you push yourself out of your box the more you grow and discover who you really are.

What is your favorite Honors Program related memory?

My whole freshman year! Living in the honors RLC as a freshman and sharing a class with them opened me up to getting to know not only my roommates but my whole floor. I know I can go to any of them for a smile even though I haven’t talked to some of them in months. I am grateful for all the memories we made and thank them for their friendship because I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without that awesome community!

If your Mentee wanted to get involved (both in the Honors Program and out of it) what kind of advice would you offer them?

Don’t be afraid! It sounds silly but it’s okay to show up to meeting by yourself. You don’t need to drag a friend to a meeting; if you are interested you should go out on a limb and just do it! Organizations LOVE getting new members so go in with a smile and you’re bound to make a room full of friends.

How has being a Mentor helped you grow?

It has given me more responsibility to hold myself accountable to reach out to my mentees. Our relationship is directly related to the effort I put in. It is not a job so if I don’t want to connect with them I don’t have to, but I value it enough that I continue to.

What have you learned from being an Honors Mentor?

I have learned that sometimes all you have to do is listen or be there for someone and that’s enough. You don’t need all the answers to be a mentor; you just need a good heart.

Thank you Morganne for taking the time to share your experience! We continue to wish you the best on all your endeavors.



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