Penny Wars: Battle of the Academic Colleges


After reading the inspiring story of Malala Yousafzai for the Honors Fall Book Club pick, I am Malala, the Honors Student Congress will be taking action to raise money for the Malala Fund by holding a Penny War! To go along with the education theme associated with the Malala Fund, the Penny War will be held as a competition between the four academic colleges – the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Education and Allied Studies, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Ricciardi College of Business.

The Malala Fund aims to “invest in efforts that empower local communities, develop innovative solutions that build upon traditional approaches, and deliver not just basic literacy, but the tools, ideas and networks that can help girls find their voices and create a better tomorrow.” The Fund prioritizes and acts decisively “to educate girls and empower them to change their lives and communities.” Those familiar with Malala Yousafzai’s story are aware of the courageous steps she has taken to fight for this mission, risking her life to become an activist for girls’ education and empowerment. Now, we all have the chance to do our own small part in helping this amazing organization reach its goal to ensure that all girls have equal access to a quality education!

The Penny Wars will be a competition between the four academic colleges, to see which can raise the most money for the Malala Fund, while also earning the most points. Each college has its own designated jar; the objective is to place pennies and paper currency in your college’s jar to stack up points, and place silver coins into the jars of the other colleges to deduct points from their score.

Points will be awarded by the following:

Penny     +2 points

Nickel   -5 points

Dime     -10 points

Quarter   -25 points

Dollar   +100 points

Collection jars are located in the Honors Center and are ready for donations! The competition is going on now through October 17th, support your team by donating today!

May the best college win!

To learn more about the Malala Fund, visit their website at

-K. A.


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