Pizza &Prof: Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan

20141007_170908  20141007_170928

On October 7th the Honors Program held its first Pizza & Prof event of the semester featuring Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan. Pizza & Prof is an event that allows students and honors faculty to come together and engage in an informal discussion over a given topic. The theme for this Pizza & Prof event was coffee, with students being able to taste Nicaraguan coffee. Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan discussed a variety of different coffee related topics, including his Nicaragua study tour, his “Secret Life of Coffee” Second Year Seminar, and ways to improve coffee on campus.

The discussion began with a look at Dr. Hayes-Bohanan’s winter study tour to Nicaragua. During this study tour, students travel to Nicaragua to learn more about the growing, processing, transportation, consumption, and environmental and social impacts of coffee, as well as the global coffee industry. This January will mark the 9th year of the study tour and over the years it has been offered over 85 students have participated, with several students either taking part in the study tour multiple times or returning to Nicaragua for different projects.

The discussion then moved to discuss Dr. Hayes-Bohanan’s Second Year Seminar, entitled “The Secret Life of Coffee.” During this Second Year Seminar students learn about the coffee trade, coffee in other parts of the world, and local cafés. Students have also hosted an event focused on the use of fair trade ingredients. At this event, members of the Bridgewater State University community were able to taste coffee from 11 different countries.

The event concluded with discussing ways that coffee can be improved here at BSU. One way that was discussed was the idea of a café being added to the Conant Science Building. The design plans for the Conant Science Building included a café, and the space for the café has been built, however due to some resistance the possibility of this coffee shop has not been approved.

Overall the night was filled with an intriguing discussion and deeper look at coffee’s role on both a local and global level. Join us in the Honors Center for our next Pizza & Prof event, “Poverty and Social Action in American History,” on Tuesday, October 21st with Dr. Brian Payne.

We hope to see you there!

-K. A.


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