Trivia Night: And The Winners Are…


The first-ever Honors Trivia Night series came to an end on November 13th, after four installments being hosted throughout the semester. During each night, teams came together to answer trivia questions in a range of categories, from Disney and Harry Potter to Science and Art. After a close battle between “The Thirdists” and “Trivin’ La Vida Loca,” the winners, with a total of 128 points are…“Trivin’ La Vida Loca!” However, it must be said that “The Thirdists” ranked in an impressive 114 points after attending only three out of the four Trivia Night installments. Coming in second place was “The Ducklings” with 117 points, and finishing off in fourth were “The Misfits” with 95 points. Congratulations to our winners – Adam, Ed, Jess, and Marina- they have each won 10 flex dollars, a trophy to share, and of course (and perhaps most importantly) bragging rights!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Stay on the lookout for the next Honors Trivia Night series coming next semester!

-K. A.



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