Welcome Back; Tips for a Happier Healthier You!

Hi everyone, below are some tips to help you have a healthier and happier lifestyle as the semester begins! These tips were found on Happier which is a gratitude journal app backed up with research, and a very positive community to cheer on your happy moments. Also as a Happier user myself I can say that using these tips have helped me manage stress, and overall shift my perspective leading me to a more positive life outlook. Here are the tips,

  1. Gratitude – Take time today to be grateful for something in your life, it can be anything from enjoying the weather to being grateful for having your favorite coffee this morning.
  2. Close relationships – Making time for family and friends even with our busy schedules is important, here’s a challenge try and reconnect with an old friend this week!
  3. Savoring – Be in the moment; let your mind and body be present in something that you do today, just enjoy a part of your day.
  4. Learning new things Try to continuously learn new things big or small, it could even be something as simple as taking a different route home than you usually do or trying a new exercise routine.
  5. Get Moving – There has been research that shows that 20 minutes a day of some kind of exercise produces feelings of happiness and reduces stress, try and do this daily even if it’s just a walk around campus.
  6. Acts of Kindness – When you do acts of kindness for others you receive the greatest benefits, try an act of kindness today. It can be something small such as holding the door open for someone or texting someone and wishing them a good day. When you intentionally do acts of kindness it fills your life with more joy. The important thing though is try and remove any expectations of how the other person will feel.
  7. Mindfulness – Disconnect from the world around you for a bit and just be, try and do this today for five minutes. Disconnect from all electronics and just be, do this right where you are, how you are, and be at peace with whatever your situation might be for those moments, that is mindfulness.

According to Happier you can’t chase a state of happiness or you’ll be miserable, but if you try these habits daily and change your perspective you can find more joy in life. When you find more joy in life you can find balance, which can help you manage stress and many other things.

I hope you find these tips helpful like I did, and hopefully this will help you have a less stressed, happier and healthy start to a new semester! For more information on any of these tips feel free to download Happier on the app store! Best of luck in the New Year!

– C.A


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