Letter From The President of Honors Student Congress!

For the past two years I have served as President of the BSU Honors Student Congress.  I have seen this organization grow from a simple idea to a well-oiled machine with an efficient organizational structure, a concise mission statement and Constitution, and a core set of values.  As myself and the other individuals who have seen this organization through from the beginning are preparing to graduate from BSU, we cannot help but acknowledging what an integral part this organization has been in our undergraduate experience and what exactly the Honors Student Congress has meant to each of us.

So, when I think about the Honors Student Congress, what do I think about?  I think about the trailblazing students I have mentored through the Honors mentoring program.  I think of the lifelong friends and memories I have made through this organization.  I think of our advisor, Amy Couto, and the constant encouragement, support, and time that she, Dr. King, and Dr. Wiggins have dedicated not only to me, but to all of our students.  And I think of the impact we have collectively been able to make in just our two years of recognition at BSU.

It is true that all things come to an end and my time as President and my time at BSU are drawing to a close, however, I am confident the Honors Student Congress is only going to continue its growth.  My successor,  also my mentee, Adam Costa, along with all of the other individuals elected to Executive Board positions for the fall, are all truly exceptional individuals and I am looking forward to seeing what they are able to accomplish.  During my discussions with the incoming leadership of the HSC, I continue to stress the importance of community.  In becoming a larger organization we have noted the need for a set organizational structure and clear purpose, however, it is important to never forget our roots and our mission. We started this organization to establish a stronger sense of community within the honors program, to foster meaningful connections, and to build intentional leaders within our community, and we must never forget this.  In the end, we will not remember the emails we sent, the exact content of each of our meetings, or navigating the event planning process.  What we will remember are the friends we have made, the laughter we shared, and the moments we were able to make a difference.

Don’t miss out on the great events the Honors Student Congress has planned for the rest of this semester!  More Pizza and Profs, Trivia Nights, service projects, and off-campus trips are coming your way!  On behalf of the Honors Student Congress, best of luck with your midterms as well as the rest of the semester!

Kevin Costa

President, Honors Student Congress


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