Honors Mentor/Mentee Trip: Newport

Newport Group Photo

On Saturday, April 18th the Honors Mentoring Program hosted a trip to Newport, Rhode Island. While in Newport, mentors and mentees first visited The Elms and participated in the Servant Tour. On the Servant Tour we were able to walk through the staff quarters, see the coal cellar and boiler room in the basement, and witness the magnificent view of the ten-acre estate from the roof! After this, the group went to lunch at The Red Parrot in downtown Newport. Lunch was followed by a self-guided tour of The Breakers. This tour of the Vanderbilt home gave us the opportunity to experience the grandest mansion in all of Newport! The trip ended with some of us exploring the grounds at The Breakers, while others went on the famous Cliff Walk.

Check out some of the pictures from this great event!

– K.A.

IMG950385 20150418_130719 20150418_133828

20150418_171740 20150418_172259 IMG950386

20150418_172207 20150418_172026 20150418_160440


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