A Haunting on Campus: Part 2

By Danielle Clark

My body is stiff, feet glued to the floor, eyes locked on the ghostly girl in the mirror. I open my mouth to ask her what she means by “Come Back”, but she evaporates into thin air. The lights flicker then go out completely. I let out a little shriek, which shocks a friend of mine who walked by the bathroom. She opens the door, peeks in, and asks if everything is ok.

I utter, “Help,” but she doesn’t seem to hear me.

Photo by Danielle Clark
Photo by Danielle Clark

The door closes again, leaving me in the darkness. I feel my way back to the stall I was in so I can gather my belongings and get the hell out of here. I rush back into my dorm, slamming the door behind me. Once I pull on my pajamas, I hide under my bedcovers—shivering, shaking in fear. Soon, I wipe out, not getting the chance to finish my homework.

When I woke up the next day, I assure myself one of two things happened last night. Either I was hallucinating due to lack of proper sleep or I was dreaming. It wasn’t real. It isn’t real. It never will be real in my mind. Typically my dreams are extremely vivid and despite how illogical they are they still feel real. I often get those déjà vu feelings because I’ve seen something in real life that I’ve encountered in one of my vivid dreams. I’m probably just stressed. No problem. I’ll just manage my time better—maybe take a nap here or there.

Photo by Danielle Clark
Photo by Danielle Clark

As I get ready for classes, I notice my roommate isn’t around. Her bed has no bedclothes on it, her makeup isn’t spread out on her desk like it typically is, and her closet is empty with doors wide open. Did she move out? Why didn’t she tell me? Am I getting a new roommate?

I walk over to my RA’s room to ask her if she knew why my roommate was missing. I knocked on her door a few times but got no answer. I try looking for another RA, but no luck. From there, I decide to message my friends, but no one messaged me back. Did I miss something? Where is everyone?

Walking out of the dorm, I notice a piece of paper drift across the street along with some leaves. I rush over, snatch it, and look at the cursive writing. The note reads:


I roam between heaven and hell.

My soul still feels alive,

But earth bade me farewell.

I wait by the stone under the tree.

Left all alone to suffer for all eternity.

All my friends have left me.

In order to carry me through

To the other side

What must you do?

Beware! If you choose to ignore,

Your fate will be the same.


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