A Haunting on Campus: Part 4

By Danielle Clark

Today I’m speaking with the medium. She is a very frail woman with long, curly brown hair, blue eyes, and a very distinct squinting stare. The purple scarf around her neck has crescent moon and star decorations on it. Her nails are sharp and painted crimson-red, like blood. She takes hold of my hands and asks what my name is. I tell her Ella.

“Short for Ellinore?” she asks.

I nod my head. She tells me she knows of the ghost that is haunting me, begging for me to help her soul be released into the afterlife. She also knows that this Ellinore ghost is cursed and malevolent due to a horrendous act the she carried out when she was alive.

The medium says, “The story of Ellinore Karls is haunting. She was a new student at the Normal School and fell in love with a guy in town named Norman Garret. They were great friends until Ellinore’s roommate, Beth, came into the picture and stole Norman from her. For months, Ellinore watched her roommate and Norman fall in love, which tore her apart. She couldn’t bare it any longer, so one night, she and her roommate fought. Ellinore stormed out of the dorm, while Beth chased after her, telling her to come back inside. In a fit of rage, Ellinore grabbed Beth, wrapped her hands around her neck, and choked her to death. The next morning, Norman found out what had happened and fatally pushed Ellinore down the stairs in revenge. To this day she roams the earth because Norman cursed her spirit. She’d watch loved ones pass on while she was bound to the earth. He wanted her to suffer with loneliness like he did when the love of his life died.”

Photo by Danielle Clark
Photo by Danielle Clark

The medium continues to tell me that the ghost will go to hell if she is carried over into the afterlife. Her only chance to get peaceful rest in heaven is if her spirit possesses a living human and does deeds that will redeem Beth’s murder. The ghost is looking to possess me since I’m her only living relative that somewhat resembles her. In order to keep my soul in tact, I have to protect myself against the ghost. To guard my soul, I’m given an amulet in the shape and design of a wolf’s eye.

Photo by Danielle Clark
Photo by Danielle Clark

I return to campus and find that my friends and roommate returned. The amulet worked. The eeriness has left, and I no longer feel like a ghost is watching me. However, I walk over to Ellinore’s grave, finding something odd. The trash was no longer on the headstone, but there was a giant black ink splatter over the engraving. I try rubbing it off—nothing happens. I guess it’s a good thing her name can no longer be seen. Maybe that means she has given up, erased from the earth. Sadly, that probably means she has gone to hell. I wasn’t going to give up my body and soul for a murderer. I have my own life to live.

My friends pass the graveyard on the way back from class. I rush over, hugging every single one of them. I’m just grateful that they are back and I’m free. We head to Tilly for some dinner, where I explain to them all the craziness that happened while they were gone. They claim that they never left and that I must be overtired or something. I show them the amulet and tell them what it’s used for. They laugh at me like I’m a silly child playing magic games. They say I’m just buying into the Bridgewater Triangle nonsense, but I’m not. This is different. “Forget it!” I snap. They all brush it off and promise not to poke fun.

Photo by Danielle Clark
Photo by Danielle Clark

Afterward, we walk over to Woodward. On our way there, I notice the ghost peering out of a window in Harrington Hall. She looks furious. She’s still here. Poof! She vanishes and suddenly reappears in front of me and holds her arms out. My friends run and scream in terror, abandoning me. Ellinore takes hold of my throat, choking me, stealing the life from me.

I jolt up in my bed, gasping for breath. I touch my throat to see if there are any hands squeezing me. There are none. It’s dead silent. I’m in my room, my roommate is in her bed, and there’s darkness all around me. My body is shaking in fear until I realize that it was all just a dream, and Ellinore doesn’t exist. She was just a figment of my imagination—probably from the dream I had earlier tonight of her peering up at me from the foot of my bed. The clock reads 3 p.m., so I decide to fall asleep yet again and get cozy. Rolling over onto my left side, I see a pair of soulless eyes and a demonic face. They look deep into my soul.

photo copy 7
Photo by Danielle Clark



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