Top 7 Creepiest Places on Campus

By Danielle Clark

To get into the Halloween spirit, here is a countdown list of places on and near campus that have a haunted twist to them.

7. Haunted Harrington Hall:

Harrington, like other buildings on campus, used to be an elementary school.

Harrington Hall


6. Blood-Curdling Boyden Hall:

The Boyden Hall we know of now was constructed after a fire in 1924 destroyed the original Bridgewater Normal School building.

Boyden Hall


5. Terrifying Tillinghast Hall:

The original Tillinghast Hall also burnt down in the fire of 1924. This building used to be a dormitory when BSU was Bridgewater Normal School. Even though this building now houses faculty offices, many of the bathrooms there still have showers in them.

Tillinghast Hall


Tillinghast 2nd Floor Hallway
Abandoned Shower Stall in Tillinghast Bathroom
Tillinghast 2nd Floor Bathroom

4. Wicked Woodward Hall:

The original Woodward Hall—formerly an all-girls dormitory—burnt down in 1924.

Woodward Hall


3. The Grim Graveyard:

The Old Graveyard, also known as First Cemetery, was established in 1716. According to Old Bridgewater Historical Society and, John Washburn deeded the graveyard to the town, and his wife was the first person to be buried there.

The Old Cemetery


2. The Ghastly Greenhouse:

The Greenhouse


1. Scary Stearns Botanical Garden:

Stearns Botanical Garden





Not to be Ministered Unto, But to Minister. Bridgewater State University 1840-2010 by Thomas R. Turner


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