Students, Faculty, and Staff Represent Bridgewater State University at Honors Conference in Seattle

By: Kasey Andrade

Nine honors students, one faculty member, and one staff member from Bridgewater State University were selected to present during the 51st annual conference held by the National Collegiate Honors Council in Seattle, Washington, October 12-16, ­2016.

The conference highlighted student and faculty research presentations from across the nation, and provided training and development for honors program administrators. Sherman Alexie, poet, filmmaker, and best-selling author, provided the plenary session on Friday.


Students Kasey Andrade, Ashleigh Bell, Madison Forbes, Kelly Thies, and Emily Wiegand were selected to present their session entitled, “Knowing Our Congress.” This presentation focused on the structure of BSU’s Honors Student Congress.  At the same session, students Danielle Dupuis and Jacquelyn Mann presented “Facilitating Growth Forges Leaders,” a presentation about the Honors Mentoring Program. Also at this session, student Eric DeBenedictis and Honors Administrative nchc-ericAssistant Amy Couto presented “Show Yourself: Honors Branding and Marketing at Bridgewater State University,” which focused on the rebranding of BSU’s Honors Program. Andrade, Forbes, and Wiegand also presented individual projects titled “The Happiest (And Most Responsible) Place on Earth: How The Walt Disney Company is Embracing Corporate Citizenship,” “An Inquiry on Dignity: Metaphysical Research on the Concept of Dignity,” and “Identity Crisis: Uncovering the Misrepresentation and Exclusion of Latin American and Caribbean Identities in the American English Curriculum,” respectively. nchc-kaseyCouto led a general session with Honors Director Dr. Teresa King titled “Tailored Community-Building Activities that Promote Student Engagement.” This session focused on how the BSU Honors Program tailors programs to appeal to BSU’s demographics and support the Honors Program’s strategic goals. Dr. King led another session titled “Know Thy Diversity: Who are We Reaching and Who are We Keeping?” At this session, Dr. King discussed the diversity of BSU’s Honors Program. Student Adam Costa, the Co-Chair of the Student Affairs Committee of the Executive Board for NCHC participated in five presentations with the committee throughounchc-maddiet the conference. The national submission process for the NCHC annual conference is highly selective, with hundreds of students and faculty submitting proposals each year.

“We are so pleased to provide an opportunity for honors students and NCHC members to experience the city of Seattle, all while celebrating the successes and presentations that are unique to honors education,” said Dr. Hallie Savage, NCHC Executive Director.

nchc-emilyWhile in Seattle, BSU representatives had the opportunity to explore the city of Seattle through NCHC’s City as TextTM Program, network with other honors students and faculty from across the country and around the world, and celebrate the unique community
created by honors education. NCHC anticipated nearly 2,000 students and faculty hailing from all 50 states to be in attendance at the Seattle event, as well as visitors from Mexico, Greece, the Netherlands, Japan, Qatar, Great Britain, and China.

The National Collegiate Honors Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support and enhance the community of educational institutions, professionals and students who participate in collegiate honors education around the world. NCHC members total nearly 900 institutions from the United States and around the world. Professional and student memberships are available. More information is available at


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