Honors in Action: First Year Seminar Walking Tours

Friday, October 21, 2016–As part of the themed cluster of First Year Seminars on social inequality, the Honors Program took its 90 first-year students on walking tours in Boston and Brockton. Students were exposed to immigrant histories in Dorchester and Boston and African American history in Brockton and Beacon Hill.

Image-1.jpgHonors Director, Dr. Teresa King and Dr. Khadija Monk led students on the Black Heritage Trail in Federal Hill in Boston and stopped at the African Meeting House, the oldest surviving African American church in the United States.

Dr. Maura Rosenthal and Amy Couto led students on a tour of Beacon Hill where students learned about the waves of immigrants that made Boston home throughout the city’s history.


Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan and Dr. Angela Bailey led the Brockton tour which included sites like the Messiah Baptist Church and Liberty Tree site.

The fourth group of students went to Dorchester to learn more about Asian immigrant history and culture. This tour was led by Prof. Robin Tierney who took students to a Buddhist temple and Vietnamese-American cultural sites.

The primary goal of the Honors First Year Seminar experience is to increase interdisciplinary thinking and build community among first year honors students. Using an interdisciplinary problem-based learning approach students work in groups to research problems related to social inequality. The themed cluster also includes many opportunities for experiential learning: service trips, on-campus interactive performances, and off-campus tours. 



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