10 Things I’m Thankful For About The Honors Program

by Danielle Clark


  1. The community of friendly, supportive, and academically driven students. I’ve met some of my best friends through the Honors Program. It truly is a great community to be a part of.
  1. Participating in challenging, fun Commonwealth Honors courses. They have helped me expand my thoughts and engage in topics that interest me.
  1. The Honors Center itself. It is a place to relax, socialize, and do work.
Honors Students doing their work in the Honors Center.
  1. Trivia Nights! They are a fun break from the stress of daily coursework. Also, they are another opportunity to get to know fellow Honors Program members.
  1. My Honors Program job. I get to pitch ideas and express my creativity.
  1. The Honors Program staff. The Honors Program staff—including coworkers, Amy Couto, and Honors Director Dr. Teresa King—offer great advice when it comes to making academic as well as work-related decisions.
  1. Knowing I will graduate with Honors. I feel happy knowing that I have challenged myself in the four years I attended BSU. Being a member of the Honors Program and graduating with honors is like a badge. I’m proud to wear it.
  1. Fun events that the Honors Program hosts. The Honors Program hosts trips to the MFA, movie nights, bi-weekly breakfasts, and more.
  1. Getting to pick classes early. This has helped me get into courses necessary for my major that are otherwise difficult to get into if I were to register with other upperclassmen.
  1. Honors Center free printing. I’m always printing something for my job in the honors center, so this is important to me. I also know that if on-campus printing or my own printer isn’t working, I can always go the Honors Program to print out papers I need.

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