Finals Survival Guide

It’ll be ok. Here are some cute puppies to lift your spirit!

By Danielle Clark

Finals week can be extremely stressful. Here are some tips to help you get through it with as little stress as possible.

  1. Take deep breaths and put everything—including your work—into perspective. You’ll make it out alive. If you try your hardest, that should be what matters most.


  1. Take study breaks. The brain can only work so long before it gets tired. Instead of stuffing information into your mind in large amounts, review your study material in 45-minute increments. You could even study a little everyday instead of cramming at the last minute. You’ll retain more.


  1. When you have a lot of assignments due, start with the project due the earliest. Then plan out when you are going to complete the rest of your assignments. Make sure your work time for each project or essay is spaced out, so you aren’t cramming towards the end of finals.


  1. Have snacks ready. Try healthy options like fruit or granola bars to keep you fueled. Prepare your mind like you’d prepare for a big game. You can use the occasional sweet or salty treat as a reward for getting an important part of studying done.


  1. Get a study group together if you can. Working in numbers can help reduce stress. Rally possible test questions off each other. Even try teaching each other the test material.


  1. Think positively before entering the exam. Tell yourself you can do this and that you’ll be fine. Going into a test with confidence can help you focus better. Don’t forget to pace yourself.

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