BSU Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon Founded by Honors Student

Clifton Robinson, founder of the BSU Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

By Clifton Robinson

Earlier this semester, the Zeta chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the honors society for the computing and information disciplines was founded at Bridgewater State University. Last semester I was doing random research online about different honors societies based on my majors: computer science and mathematics. I saw that there were only four chapters in all of Massachusetts for Upsilon Pi Epsilon. I found this weird because Massachusetts has a bunch of great computer science schools, so I wanted Bridgewater State to be the fifth. I went to the department chair, Professor Santore, to ask about how we could bring a chapter to BSU. He told me that Professor Michael Black had been given the funding to start a chapter here, he just didn’t have a student to help organize everything. With that information, I approached Professor Black and worked over the summer we to make plans to get a chapter here.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the main honors society for people within Computer Science. It was founded in 1967 at Texas A&M University. Today, there are over 270 chapters at college campuses around the world. Still considered young among honors societies, Upsilon Pi Epsilon plays a big role in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, which Bridgewater State students compete in every year.

On October 7th we had our first initiation, letting in six founding members to the honors society, Kevin Fung, Nicholas Abreu, Zakar Handricken, Jamie Nelson, Perry Warner, and myself. With this being the first initiation, Upsilon Pi Epsilon headquarters sent an international officer to induct the BSU chapter into their society.

Going forward, next semester we are looking to have a larger induction class to honor all of the students who have been working hard in computer science. Our main goal is to recognize the strong students in the computer science field and show them that they are not going unnoticed. After getting enough members in the society, we would also like to work with different people and organizations to possibly do community service projects by making websites and other things.

With the computer science department growing at Bridgewater State University I thought it would be smart to bring the Honors Society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, to help recognize the students for all of the hard work they do. For me, I wanted to set up this organization to last at BSU so students in computer science can be rewarded for doing well.


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