Circulate the Love

Circulate the love.png

by Danielle Clark

The advertisement on Honors social media read “Circulate the love,” inviting students to donate to the spring semester blood drive. The Honors Student Congress, along with the Honors Program and the American Red Cross hosted the blood drive, which took place on Valentine’s Day in the RCC Ballroom.

Of the 67 people who attended the drive 43 people donated a life-saving unit of blood, 5 donors elected to give a power red cell donation (giving 10 additional units of red cells), and 12 people donated blood for the first time, as Account Manager for the American Red Cross, Doreen Greene, reported. The donors truly and selflessly lived out the drive’s theme.


In order to keep the donors hydrated and happy, the HSC provided water and Valentine’s Day themed treats. With the combined efforts of the Honors Program, HSC members, The Red Cross, Phi Kappa Theta, Alpha Sigma Tau, and National Residence Hall Honorary the blood drive was a success. HSC and the Honors Program would like to thank everyone who donated and helped make this spring’s blood drive possible. We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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