Honors Outstanding Faculty Winner: Dr. Maura Rosenthal

By: Kasey Andrade

Tom Murphy ’18, with Honors Outstanding Faculty winner Dr. Maura Rosenthal

The Honors Program is pleased to announce this year’s Honors Outstanding Faculty Winner: Dr. Maura Rosenthal, Professor of Movement Arts, Health Promotion and Leisure Studies. Last semester, Dr. Rosenthal taught in the honors thematic first year seminar cluster, and explains that she “enjoyed working with colleagues and Dr. Teresa King on planning activities around social justice inside and outside the classroom.” Dr. Rosenthal thought it was a pleasure to work with students during their first semester at BSU, and those in her Honors in Action Colloquium created a “Game of College Life” that they presented at the midyear symposium.

Dr. Rosenthal was nominated for this award by honors student Tom Murphy ’18. Tom was in one of Dr. Rosenthal’s courses last semester, PHED 318 (Socio-Cultural Fnd Sport/Activ.) and says “Dr. Rosenthal was a tremendous mentor throughout our group project and I knew from the get-go that I had made the right decision in enlisting her help.” Dr. Rosenthal’s mentoring style was memorable for Tom, as he adds, “She always clearly communicated what needed to be done and was timely in her responses; replying early in the morning, late at night, and once while on a trip. I always felt like an important priority and Dr. Rosenthal motivated me to finish the project.”

Tom reveals that the best advice Dr. Rosenthal has given to him has been a technique for accomplishing their task. He explains, “I would meet with her and have several ideas to add to the project, but she was great at putting everything into perspective and choosing pieces that were manageable and having me run with those. She didn’t dismiss my brainstorms, but rather chose what was realistic and told me to save them for future use as a continuation of the project.”

Currently, Dr. Rosenthal is working with Tom on his honors thesis project. Dr. Rosenthal states, “This will be the first time I mentor an undergraduate thesis project. Tom and I work well together and I am excited to help mentor him during his last year at BSU.”

Dr. Rosenthal wants students to know that she is engaged in the learning process with students in all of her classes. Speaking about the importance of students developing mentoring relationships with faculty, she states, “Faculty at Bridgewater want to connect with students, this is why we teach here. Also, faculty are awesome and interesting people who get tired of office hours when nobody shows up!” Her advice to students is, “Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and take advantage of programming at BSU. Making mistakes is part of learning!”


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